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Doctor/River Fan Awards 2011

All of Time and Space

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The 2011 Fan Awards for River/The Doctor

All of time and space. You watch us run.


Mission Statement - To celebrate the incredible talent of the River/Doctor fans of Doctor Who, we now present our annual fan awards! These awards focus exclusively on the relationship of River Song and the Doctor, any and all versions of them (UST/RST, friendship or romance). Nominees include both fanfiction and artwork. Fanfics of all genres, types, and ratings are welcomed. Multimedia -- including drawings, photo-based artwork, wallpapers, website designs, and music videos -- are welcomed.

Who Are We? - The River/Doctor Fan Awards team members are a group of fellow fans that volunteered their time to make this a reality. We have a handful of dedicated members, and one mod - irony_rocks.

Membership for this community is closed, but feel free to watch it for updates!

Disclaimer - All publicly recognizable characters and settings are the property of Doctor Who and their public respective owners. No money is being made from this entirely unofficial awards system. No copyright infringement is intended. Also, although we don't post any adult content on this community, we do link to other web sites which contain adult material, such as NC-17 fic. Ultimately, all responsibility for the content of fics resides with the authors.

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