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Winners - Banners

banners {WINNERS}

Now check out the shiny banners!

Fanfiction Categories

Best Action/Adventure Story

Turkish delight on a moonlit night by gidget_zb

Best Drama Story

You walked off the water in a porcupine of light by gidget_zb

Best Alternate Reality Story

Blue River by humansrsuperior

Best Romantic Story

Our Blue Getaway by humansrsuperior

Best Angst Story

(It's the Season of Grace) Coming Out of the Void by hihoplastic (Mature)

Best Dark Story

The Trial of River Song by musedepandora

Best Episode-Based Story

Unspoken by leiascully (mature)

Best Humor Story

Five Things that Never Actually Happened (And One that Did) by promethia_tenk

Best Fluff Story

You're Just My Cup Of Tea, Or: Domesticity Is Setting In by dollsome

Best Hurt/Comfort Story

So many nights we'll still spend together by DQBunny (Mature)

Best PWP Story

Living Legend by Musedepandora (Mature)

Best Short Works/Poetry Story

What? by slashypooka

Best UST/Friendship Story

A Melody, Not Yet A Song by leiascully

Multimedia Categories

Best Angst Music Video

Heavy in your Arms by aheartthen

Best Action/Adventure Music Video

Invincible [Extended] by humansrsuperior

Best Romance Music Video

The World is Not Enough by niyalune

Best Icon Artwork

#5 by freya_the_fairy

Best Photo-Based Artwork

Watch Them Run - a River/Eleven picspam by invicta

Best Handdrawn Artwork

Blue River by Humansrsuperior

Other Categories

Mod and Award's Team Choice - Fanfiction

Worth Living For by Sahiya

Mod and Award's Team Choice - Multimedia

E.T. Extended by aheartthen

2011: Artist of the Year


2011: Author of the Year


*Special thanks to derevko_child and gidget_zb for banner help!
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oooh thank you so much for voting me!The banner's amazing!

Deleted comment

These are great! Thank you!
Wonderful banners ! Thanks :D