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Nomination Index 2011

River/Doctor Nominations
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Voting Period ends December 24th, 2011

Best Action/Adventure Story
Turkish delight on a moonlit night by gidget_zb

Sontaran Encounter by betawho

Control by musedepandora

Holding Up the Heavens by tellitslant
Best Drama Story
You walked off the water in a porcupine of light by gidget_zb

the swelling fermata as the chord dies by gidget_zb

Happily Ever After by bendingwind

The Lights of Aeterna by abluestocking (mature)

Lightning fast by apple_pathways

Edge of Human by lyric
Best Alternate Reality Story
remember us, if at all by bendingwind

Blue River by humansrsuperior

Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have to Take Me Home by lonewytch

On Assignment by DQBunny

Your absence was felt in so many ways by DQBunny

Timeless Dreams by Musedepandora

Not Those Times by winninghearts
Best Romantic Story
Our Blue Getaway by humansrsuperior

I Could Write Essays on Your Back by adribetty394

All This Heaven Could Never Describe by hihoplastic

There’s a Language in the Sky by lonewytch

The Ponds Who Waited by cheshire-Song

The Observations of Amelia Pond by DQBunny

two by two in the ark and the ache of it by gidget_zb

Mirror Images by bendingwind (Mature)

should we two become one by leiascully (Mature)

Thy love is better than wine by myconstant (Mature)
Best Angst Story
Ceremonial by promethia_tenk

In the Eye of the Storm by Miranda Pond

(It's the Season of Grace) Coming Out of the Void by hihoplastic (Mature)

Until the day break and the shadows flee away, turn, my beloved by leiascully (Mature)

Now If All My Golden Moments by bendingwind

Lie Every Time by adribetty394

You End When You're Beginning by define_serenity

Footnotes by tellitslant

Hide The Heart That Bleeds by Trialia

So bitter is [life], death is little more by odainath

One Small Breath In the Whole of Time by lonewytch
Best Dark Story
What Might Be by bendingwind

Erinys by templeremus

Through Ash and Ember by Trialia

The Trial of River Song by musedepandora

Best Episode-Based Story
Always a Way Out by jade II

The Elegy of Melody Pond by artemisofephesus

Unspoken by leiascully (mature)

If you're lost, you can look, and you will find me by DQBunny

Mood Indigo by namasteyoga

5:02 P.M. by musedepandora

The Years He Gave Her by chelsea
Best Humor Story
Manipulator by mewiet

The Unicorn and the Doctor by DQBunny

Christmas Eve with the Ponds by DQBunny

The Lord and Lady of Time by cheshire-song

if you want it, you've already got it by coffeesuperhero (Mature)

Five Things that Never Actually Happened (And One that Did) by promethia_tenk

some kind of black magic like a priestess of voodoo by gidget_zb

River's Handbag by B_C_Draygon

Knitting for Girls by penguinspy42
Best Fluff Story
I've seen your face under every sky by cheshire-song

Trying to keep an eye on you by odainath

Never Boring, by betawho

Love Is Like A River by partofthequeue

May your song always be sung by gidget_zb

A Harmless Prank by spaciireth

Like Stars In My Sky by bendingwind

caught between madness and gladness of flight by leiascully

the joy of small days by leiascully

Drums in the Distance by cheshire-song

You're Just My Cup Of Tea, Or: Domesticity Is Setting In by dollsome
Best Hurt/Comfort Story
River's Choice by elisi

Worth Living For by sahiya

So many nights we'll still spend together by DQBunny (Mature)

She Can Be. She Will Be. by elisi

Fairytales by bendingwind

Family Emergency by sahiya
Best PWP Story
Be A Lady Tonight by leiascully (Mature)

Living Legend by Musedepandora (Mature)

Complicity by stick_poker (Mature)

Playing With Dirt Is A Pointless Hobby, You Strange And Unfathomable Archeologist by Owlsie (Mature)
Best Short Works/Poetry Story
Four Letters by LickleSoxy

Your portrait hangs in the hallway by myconstant

What? by slashypooka

sleight of hand by ladymercury_10
Best UST/Friendship Story
Inbound by myconstant

A Melody, Not Yet A Song by leiascully

Part of the Plan by hihoplastic

Chances of Rain by promethia_tenk


Best Handdrawn Artwork
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Best Photo-Based Artwork
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Best Icon Artwork
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Best Romance Music Video
The World is Not Enough by niyalune

Set Fire To The Rain by littlebluebox1

Evening on the ground by shadow243ali

The Hardest of Hearts by cheshire-song

E.T. Extended by aheartthen
Best Action/Adventure Music Video
Hurricane by aheartthen

A heart then by shadow243ali

Invincible [Extended] by humansrsuperior
Best Angst Music Video
Ice by aheartthen

Blaming Lilith by TheSeverusSnape

Heavy in your Arms by aheartthen

Before It Started by lady_with_cats

My Doctor by LazyDaysProduction

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